Meeting Minutes – March 11th, 2020

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Reiche Community Center

Officers present: Liz Parsons, Kim Sutton, Gwynne Williams, Ian Jacob, Pamela Shaw, Bryan Van Dussen, Leana Good-Simpson, Barb DeSerres
Officers absent: Christian Bisimwa

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM & self-introductions followed.

Secretary’s report:

Minutes from the Feb 2020 meeting accepted.

Treasurer’s report:

March 2020

Available Funds by Source:
Norway Savings $6,373
Paypal $291
Petty Cash $30.00 
Less outstanding debits $0

Total Available Funds $6,703

Swim for Life $3,177
Harbor view $254
General fund $3,014
Petty Cash $30

Community Policing:

Community Announcements:

  • Emily Figdor gave an update to the renovation plans for Reiche School. Construction costs are rising, so the school board is trying to fix all 3 schools at once (Reiche, Presumpscott & Longfellow). Previous estimate for Reiche construction was 17.2 million, now the estimate is $32.7 million
    At Reiche: classrooms will get upgrades, Community Center will not, Air circulation improvements, putting up walls to increase the number of classrooms, life safety/ADA updates will be done.
  • Pamela announced West End soil testing for lead will be available for free from the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District

Invited Guests:

Chris Huff gave a talk on the updated property assessments. Your property valuation is based on one of the following approaches to determine value:

  1. Market Value – valuation based on recent past sales of similar properties
  2. Cost Approach – valuation based on the cost of replacing your building on the property
  3. Income Approach – valuation based on Income & Expenses (for commercial properties)

Informal Appeal meetings will available with Tyler Technologies.

Motion to dismiss, and meeting adjourned at 8:00pm


Kim Sutton, Secretary