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10 Reasons to join WENA

The West End Neighborhood Association's annual meeting took place on December 10, 2014, so this is a great time to join the organization and become a more active participant in this great neighborhood. If you still need a little prodding to sign up, here are the Top Ten Reasons to Join WENA (aside from the fact that the dues are only $5!) Sign up by coming to the January 14 meeting or by clicking "Join WENA" in the menu to the left and completing and mailing a membership application to WENA, PO Box 7886, Portland, ME 04112

10. The perfect alibi for the second Wednesday of every month:
WENA meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the community room on the upper level of the Reiche Community Center at 166 Brackett Street.

9. Meet your neighbors in the West End:
WENA's purpose is to address issues and concerns that affect the quality of life of all who live and/or work in the West End.

8. Learn what local government does or plans to do to promote the safety and security of the West End:
WENA serves as a liaison with City Hall and monitors the delivery of city services and maintenance of neighborhoods to ensure that they are clean, safe, quiet and attractive.

7. Celebrate the seasons, get some exercise, and take in the fresh air by cleaning the parks in the West End:
WENA works to make sure that the West End is a safe, clean, and attractive place to live and has Adopted Taylor Street Park, Clark Street Park, Harbor View Park and Tyng/Tate Street Playground.

6. Have your voice and opinion heard regarding what's happening in your part of the West End:
WENA helps keep you informed and encourages your input on developments in the individual districts that comprise the West End, such as the MMC area, Reiche School and Community Center, West Commercial Street and more.

5. Learn more about what makes the West End a vibrant and desirable neighborhood:
WENA is committed to building trust and a spirit of community and protecting the diverse character of its neighborhood.

4. Support programs for neighborhood children at Reiche:
WENA raises funds and pays for swimming lessons for Reiche School students and open swims for neighborhood kids during the summer at the Reiche Pool.

3. Help maintain the safety and security of the West End:
WENA sponsors the West End Neighborhood Watch and invites everyone to be an active part of the community's safety by knowing their neighbors and staying in touch with safety issues and community events.

2. Be more knowledgeable about changes on your street, block, or neighborhood and empowered to influence some of them before they happen:
WENA monitors questions of development and design to help ensure that the character of the neighborhood is maintained for all.

1. Be healthier, happier, and less stressed:
Studies prove that social interaction has tangible physical benefits and WENA's goal is to provide varied opportunities for its members to realize some of those benefits through meetings, projects and events.

Still have questions? Contact us at wendneighborhood@yahoo.com

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