West End Snapshots

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For all of us there are particular things that are emblematic and evocative of our neighborhood.

In 2012, the West End Neighborhood Association did a community-building project in conjunction with Art At Work called “West End Snapshots”. Neighborhood residents took photos reflecting their special attachments to the West End that were mounted and exhibited at the Maine Irish Heritage Center for several days.

Ten years on, WENA has decided to repeat the project and hope you’ll participate if you’re a West End resident.

To enter, take three digital photos in the West End. To be selected you must follow these instructions:

1) one photo must be of a location in the West End that’s meaningful to you.

2) one photo must be of a person in the West End.
3) one photo must be of something about your home in the West End.

4) Each photo must have a caption identifying it and what it means to you.

5) You must also submit a short bio – your name, your interests
6) E-mail your photos, captions and bio to hello@wenamaine.org

All entries must be received by January 16. We plan to have a reception and exhibit in late February. More specific details will be publicized later and will be on our website www.wenamaine.org. The photos will not be exhibited online.