WENA Board Meeting      January 4, 2023

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WENA Board Meeting.      January 4, 2023
Roseann Graef. Ian Jacob,  Bryan Van Dussen,  Barbara  DeSerres, Liz Parsons, Pamela Shaw,
Leana  Good-Simpson, Kim Sutton, Steve Scharf,  Chip Martin
Secretary     Minutes from November 16, 2022 meeting approved
Treasurer.    Access to WENA accounts successfully changed to reflect change in leadership.
Agenda Items:
1.   WENA  Board Tasks and Responsibilities
     The WENA Board Tasks and Responsibilities chart was approved by consensus after a 
      discussion which clarified various roles.
2.  Metro Bus Route #8
     Representatives from Portland Metro will attend our January 11 neighborhood meeting to   
     discuss a change in the #8 bus route.  The Andrews Square project has made it impossible 
     for busses to turn from West St. onto Pine St.
3.  West End Tree Census – Liz Parsons
      The current project involves a census of West End trees and empty tree wells.  Fifty one of 
       64 streets have been counted.  Volunteers are needed to complete the count.  Volunteers 
       are also needed to ‘adopt’, or care for newly planted trees.
             This is part of a city wide initiative.  Representatives include:  Liz Parsons – West End,
      Tim MacNamara – Valley St.John, Anne Pringle – Western Prom,  and Herb Adams – Parkside.
       Patrick Carrigan’s mural at the old Greyhound Depot site was proposed for the logo.

4.  West End Snapshots project – Roseann Graef

       Three submissions are complete.  More are needed. The deadline is January 16, 2022.
        For more details, contact Roseanne.
5.   West End Speaker Series – Roseann Graef
       Events will be held in the Reiche community room on the 2nd Thursday of each month from
        6:30 – 8:00.  The initial schedule is as follows:
        January 12 – Peter Monro – Stewards of the Western Cemetery
         February 9 – Lynne Lisotte-Townsend.  Elder law issues
         March 9. – Dawn Brennan- Daly.     St.Luke’s Community Kitchen
         Speaking opportunities are available  from April onward.
Submitted January 5, 2022
Barbara DeSerres
Secretary, West End Neighborhood Assn.