WENA  Annual Meeting Minutes 2022

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WENA  Annual Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2022

6:30 pm.,  Reiche Community Center

Treasurers Report:

Available Funds by Source    
Norway Savings $17,609  
Paypal $308  
Petty Cash $30.00  
Less outstanding debits $1,004 $505 debit card for MMC and Reimbursment to Rosanne Graef
Plus outstanding credits $95 memberships dues from 11.11.22 meeting
Total Available Funds   $17,037
Swim for Life $2,304  
Harbor view $1,290  
General Fund/WENA $1,424  
General Fund/MMC $11,616  
Petty Cash $30  
Total Earmarks   $17,037

Bryan Van Dussen

Treasurer, West End Neighborhood Association


  1.  Reforest City.       Liz Parson explained a project to monitor and evaluate the health of the tree population in the West End, and to advocate for increased tree plantings.   It is part of the One Climate Future initiative.  For more information, contact Liz Parsons.
  1. Harbor View Park.   Pamela Shaw gave an update on projects at Harbor View Park.  The grant monies from Maine Med have been spent.  The native grove planting at the corner of Brackett and York is complete. Two more park benches will be installed.  The parks department has not finished the project to eliminate invasive species on the embankment.  Pamela is ending her tenure with the Harbor View project.  Her dedication and vision has been essential to the improvement of this park space.
  1.  Community Policing.  Carole Dunphe will be our new community policing rep.  She has not yet been assigned an office space.  caroled@portland.me


  1.  Dues.    Dues must be up to date in order for members to vote.  Dues were collected.

          A new structure for membership dues was discussed.  If adopted it will go into effect on November 2023.  Proposed is a one time membership fee to be supplemented with occasional donations as needed.   In order to make this change, WENA bylaws must be amended.

  1. Bylaws.   A change to bylaws was proposed in order to enable the previously explained change in dues structure. Steve Scharf moved in favor of the changes. Discussion ensued. Brian VanDussen seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.  The changes are shown below.


  1.  Next meeting.

     A January Board meeting will be scheduled.

Submitted by

Barbara DeSerres

WENA Secretary