Meeting Minutes – Sep. 12, 2018

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Minutes of the West End Neighborhood Association (WENA) Meeting

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Reiche Community Room

Board members present: Leana Good-Simpson, Rosanne Graef, Ian Jacob, Liz Parsons

Others present:  David Argitis, Elissa Armstrong, Joey Brunelle, Chaning Capuchino, Sarah Colton, Joel Hall, Matthew Lavey, Roberta Lavey, Janet Mishoe, Lin Parsons, Palo Peirce, Bobbie Rausch, George Rheault, Penny Rich, Curt Sachs, Michael Sauschuck, Melissa Skahan, Anne Swan, Zoë Swan, Jeanne Swanton, Spencer Thibodeau, Jon Torsch, Brian Townsend, Clifford Tremblay

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM. Self-introductions, led by Leana Good-Simpson, followed.

Secretary’s report

Minutes from June’s meeting were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s report

WENA’s general fund contains $580.18. This reflects income of $36.10 since our last meeting. Expenses during this same time include $135.00 for ads in the West End News.

  • WENCANAIP funds are $170.00 with an income of $2.00 for movie night.
  • Harbor View Park funds stand at $144.20.
  • Petty cash contains $30.

The Swim for Life account contains $1120.21. This reflects income of a $25.00 donation and expense of $455.00 to cover Reiche open swims during the summer.

Community policing

David Argitis called the group’s attention to a recent rash of vehicle burglaries around the city and in the West End. He urged people to keep their car doors locked, to be vigilant and to call the police if they see anything suspicious. Sarah Colton has been working on removing a transient camp in the West End. Vegetation has been cut and efforts continue to help connect people living in these camps to services they need. Maine Medical Center’s expansion construction continues and will affect traffic in the area for some time to come.

Sarah announced that she brought a number of blank criminal trespass forms and invited anyone who wanted to fill one out to do so.

There followed a general discussion of various concerns.

Homeless Services Center

Assistant City Manager, Michael Sauschuck, presented a brief history of and current update on the City’s work towards establishing a homeless services center that would relieve the over-crowding at the Oxford Street shelter and alleviate other pressing problems in the Bayside neighborhood. He indicated that considerable information on the process is available on the City’s website. He invited questions and there followed a substantive conversation on the whole.  

Brian Townsend of Amistad, Melissa Skahan of Mercy Hospital, and Councilor Thibodeau also contributed insights to the discussion.

Community Announcements

  • WENA will host a forum for District 2 city council and school board candidates on Thursday, 4 October. More information will follow.
  • The next movie night will be on Monday, 17 September.
  • A new book group for adults is being formed. The first meeting will take place on Monday, 1 October. See Rosanne Graef for more information.
  • Volunteers to work at and/or to provide food for the second WENA/Window Dressers insert workshop are needed. Rosanne Graef and Elissa Armstrong made the appeal and presented information.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Liz Parsons

Secretary pro tempore