April 14th meeting minutes

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WENA Monthly Meeting
April 14, 2021,   6:00pm.   Zoom

Present:  Kim Sutton, Barbara DeSerres, Liz Persons, Pamela Shaw,  Gwynne Williams

Secretary’s Report:  Please review March Meeting minutes on wenamaine.org

Treasurer’s Report: No change 
Available Funds by Source    
Norway Savings $17,125  
Paypal $224  
Petty Cash $30.00  
Less outstanding debits $535.00 andrea southworth $500 and Bryan Van Dussen $35
Plus outstanding credits    
Total Available Funds   $16,844
Swim for Life $2,304  
Harbor view $11,754  
General fund $2,528  
Petty Cash $30  
Total Earmarks   $16,844

Presentations were made by District 2 City Charter committee candidates Em Burnett and Robert Ryan.  Also present was Catherine Buxton, an at-large candidate.

Agenda Items:
1. Community Announcements:
 A. Harbor View Park     Pamela gave an overview of progress on this project.
      ~ Work has resumed on projects begun last year.
      ~ Grant money has been received from Maine Med.
      ~ The park will benefit from a landscape consultation.
      ~ A work day is scheduled for May 15.
      ~ An invasive plant study is underway.
      ~ There is money available for markers to label plants and trees.
      ~ Wild Seed Project, April 24.   Six native trees and  pollinator friendly ground cover will be planted
          at the corner of York and Brackett.
   B.   Spring Cleanup       Sarah gave an update.
       ~ 10:00 – Noon,  April 24
       ~ Meet at the Clark Street entrance to Reiche School.
       ~ Coffee will be available. Trash bags and gloves will be provided.
       ~ Volunteers will be given street assignments.
       ~ Needle Disposal.       There is a needle disposal box in the ‘circle’ at Harbor View Park.  For       
           needles found elsewhere, it was suggested to put it in an empty plastic bottle, record the
           location and alert the city via Click Fix.
    C.   Graffiti.   Learning Works on Brackett St. does free graffiti removal.  An application form will be
           posted on the WENA website.
2. Community Policing:    no report
3. School Budget:     Update from Steven Scharf
        ~ A property tax increase of 7.2% has been adjusted to 6.2%.
        ~ The school board has approved the budget.  It will go to city council for a May 17 vote.
        ~ Opportunity for public comment will be available one week before the May 17 vote.
        ~ City Council will vote on a final budget at the 2nd meeting in July.  More clarity is needed on
           federal funds available.
        ~ New property tax valuations will arrive by mail in late May.
4.   MMC Community Grant:   no update
5.   Reiche Community Center.   The health facility may be moved to the new city services office
       building proposed on Forest Ave. 
Next WENA meeting:   May 12, 2021   6:00pm.
Barbara DeSerres, Secretary