Meeting Minutes – Jan. 10, 2018

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Minutes of the West End Neighborhood Association (WENA) Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Reiche Community Room

Board members present:  Leana Good-Simpson, Rosanne Graef, Liz Parsons, Nina Sachs, Pamela Shaw, Bryan Van Dusen, Gwynne Williams

Board members absent: Barb DeSerres, Ian Jacob

Others present: Dave Argitis, Sarah Colton, Jen DeFilipp, Suzanne Hunt, , Kay Mann, Christine McHale, Alayna Mladucky, Steve Mortimer, Lin Parsons, Penny Rich, Curt Sachs, Melissa Skahan, Spencer Thibodeau, Barbara Wood

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm and self-introductions followed.

Secretary’s report

Minutes from the November, 2017, meeting were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer reported for December 2017 and January 2018, that the total in the checking account was $2817.78, with $669.37 available in the general funds account.  Took in $54.17 in dues. There was $154 in the WECANAIP Account, $30 in petty cash;  $1550.21 in the Swim for Life account, and $444.20 in the Harbor View Edible Hillside account.

Community policing

Dave Argitis reported that crime was lower which he attributed to the extreme winter weather. Portland Police are sending 5 candidates to the Police Academy, and would still like to hire more officers. He asked that people be attentive to no parking times at the community pool because otherwise they can obstruct the vans that bring people for the therapeutic swims. In response to a question, he said that the Home Team HOME team (Homeless Outreach and Mobile   Engagement Team) at Milestone Recovery

is the best place to call if you are concerned about the welfare of a person you believe is homeless.

Invited Guests

  • Kay Mann from Maine Green Power Program, talked about buying blocks of “green” energy through this program, funded by DMP.
  • Alayna Mladucky, Volunteer Coordinator for the Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs of Southern Maine    talked about the mission of these programs and their work with seniors and children. Foster Grandparent places volunteers in schools to mentor children, and Senior Companions offer companionship to seniors in their community.


  • Councilor Spencer Thibodeau reported on the passage by the Council of the Pesticide Ordinance.
  • Suzanne Hunt reminded members of the exercise classes at Reiche weekday mornings.
  • Lin Parsons brought people up to date about the expansion plans at Maine Medical Center.
  • Melissa Skahan, VP of Mission at Mercy Hospital, said that Mercy is very interested in being more active in our community and also said that she will try to attend WENA meetings regularly.
  • Gwynne Williams thanked the community for contributing to the success of the Food Locker’s food drive at Reiche.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Pamela Shaw