Meeting Minutes – Apr. 11, 2018

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Minutes of the West End Neighborhood Association (WENA) Meeting

Wednesday, 11 April, 2018

Reiche Community Room

Board members present: Barbara DeSerres, Leana Good-Simpson, Rosanne Graef, Ian Jacob, Steve Mortimer, Pamela Shaw, Bryan Van Dussen

Board members absent: Liz Parsons, Gwynne Williams

Others present: Allen Armstrong, Elissa Armstrong, Crystal Canney, Ben Chipman, Alvah Davis, Jen Davis, Espahbad Dodd, Dominique Gabel, Joan Gauche, Ed Gilman, Peter Hall, Carolyn Jenks, Stephen Jenks, Christine McHale, Clare Mohs, Ed Rea, Ed Rosenthal, Jen Rosenthal, Alice Ruvane, Barbara Schnabel, Walt Schnabel, Dick Stevens, Penny Stevens, Jeff Tarling, Clifford Tremblay

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm and self-introductions followed.

Secretary’s report

Minutes from the February, 2018 meeting were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer reported that the total in the checking account was $2494.40, with $605.99 available in the general funds account.  Took in $26.49 in dues and $4.00 from movie donations. There was $164 in the WECANAIP Account, $30 in petty cash; $1550.21 in the Swim for Life account, and $144.20 in the Harbor View Edible Hillside account.

Remembrance of Board member Nina Sachs

Nina Sachs passed away on February 19, 2018.  WENA members who wish to contribute to a donation in her honor can do so on Paypal on the WENA website.

Community policing

Dave Argitis and Sarah Colton were not present.

Invited Guests

  • Jeff Tarling reported on
    • the city’s efforts to replace trees lost in the winter storms;
    • new developments in West End parks, including Harbor View, the Western Prom, the Western Cemetery, Taylor St, Tyng and Tate, and the Reiche Green Committee;
    • trying to improve trails from Western Prom to Valley & Gilman streets.
    • He also advised that when people see ice salt around trees rake it into the street, because it’s hard on the trees.
  • Pamela Shaw talked about
    • the Spring Planting Day at Harbor View Park on Sunday, April 29;
    • planting, community development and infrastructure possibilities for Harbor View Park;
    • the start of fundraising efforts.
  • Rosanne Graef addressed
    • the WENA plot at Clark St Community Garden, and support for the Locker Project. There will be two workdays at the Clark St. plot:  May 5, 3-5 pm, and May 12, 3-5 pm.
    • the growing use of Clark St. Park by all ages, the benefits of the new swings, and further planting ideas for the park.


  • Clifford Tremblay reported that the Sidewalk Safety Committee will be weighing in as the City considers revamping the sidewalk clearing ordinance.
  • Ben Chipman, who is the current State Senate representative for District 27 will be running again in the coming election.  He said said two issues of particular importance to him were extending broadband and healthcare.
  • Crystal Canney will also be a candidate for the District 27 State Senate seat. She talked about her background in news reporting, public relations and as the spokeswoman for Senator Angus King.  Her focus will be on education.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 pm.

Pamela Shaw