Annual WENA Meeting

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WENA Meeting:
November 9th, 6:30-8:00pm at the Reiche Community Center Room

We will be 

Anyone who wants to vote on Board members or the Bylaw change must pay their dues by the time of the vote, (in person dues check or cash $5 per individual or $10 per family, or online on the WENA website at with PayPal $6 per individual or $11 per family 


2022 Candidates
     Two current Board members  whose terms have expired but want to run again:
Bryan van Dussen 
Ian Jacob

Two members running for open seats on the board:  
Chip Martin 
Steven Scharf

  Not on the ballot:  Current board members whose terms extend till November 2023 or beyond: 
Barb DeSerres 
Leana Good-Simpson
Rosanne Graef
Liz Parsons
Pamela Shaw
Kim Sutton
Gwynne Williams regretfully stepped down from the board – we will miss her voice.

3.  VOTING ON A CHANGE IN THE BYLAWS from an annual to a onetime membership fee (which won’t take effect until next year)  
Proposed change: 
  • Section 3.  Dues. Fees. A person that is eligible may become a Member by paying dues a one-time fee to the Treasurer.  If payment of dues is not current, membership is terminated until such dues are paid in full or waived in accordance with these By-Laws.  The fee Members are required to pay shall be determined or changed by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Board of Directors.  Dues shall be payable annually as determined by the fiscal year of the Association.  Persons seeking membership in the Association many have their dues membership fee waived for good cause by a determination of both the President and the Treasurer.
  • Section 7. Resignation:  Any Member who wishes to resign from the Association may notify the Secretary in writing that their name be removed from the membership roll.  Any Affiliate that wishes to terminate its relationship with the Association my notify the Secretary or Treasurer in writing that they want to discontinue their Affiliate designation. There is no provision for the return of Member dues fees or Affiliate fees.  

Hope to see you there!!