Board Meeting Minutes

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WENA Board Meeting

November16, 2022,    7:00 pm, Zoom

Present:   Roseanne Graef,  Ian Jacob, Brian VanDussen, Barb DeSerres,  Pamela Shaw, Liz Parsons,  Kim Sutton,  Leana Good-Simpson,  Steve Scharf

2022/23 Officers and Board:                      Position.                         Board  Term Expires.

Roseanne Graef.                                         President                         2024

Ian Jacob.                                                    Vice President                2025

Bryan VanDussen.                                      Treasurer                         2025

Barbara DeSerres.                                       Secretary                        2023

Pamela Shaw.                                              Board                             2023

Chip Martin.                                                Board                             2023

Leana Good-Simpson.                                 Board                             2024

Liz Parsons.                                                 Board                             2024

Kim Sutton.                                                 Board                             2024

Steve Scharf.                                               Board.                            2025

Neighborhood Meeting and Project Schedule:

  1.   Quarterly social events or community projects will be held in February, April, August and October.
  2.   February Project;  West End Snapshots
  3.  Funding for this project is available from grant money.
  4.  Project description:   Each participant. Submits 3 photos unique to the West End as follows; a location, a person, something from your home, with a brief description of each photo.
  5.  Accepted photos will be professionally printed and mounted in poster format.
  6.  A February reception to exhibit the posters will be held at Reiche School. 
  7.  Acceptance of proposal moved by Steve and seconded by Leana. Motion passed.
  8.  Roseanne, Steve and Leana will publicize the project and find exhibit venues.

Discussion of Board Member Roles:

  1. It was proposed that each member of the board be responsible for a task to further the mission of WENA.
  2.  Pamela will send out a brainstormed list of ideas for member jobs.
  3.  Kim will keep the WENA website current.
  4.  Liz and Pamela will work on a master membership list and contact list.

Submitted by

Barbara DeSerres

WENA Secretary