WENA Moving Forward Results

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At the September meeting, we began an exercise that asked members for focused, action based feedback about WENA. The approach used is called Start, Stop, Continue. Feedback was collected during the September, October, and November meetings. The results are the top 5 responses in each category.



  • Snacks and refreshments at each meeting
  • More member and neighborhood outreach
  • Presentations about issues facing Portland as a whole
  • Monthly fundraising initiatives
  • Advocating for issues facing the West End


  • Nothing
  • Letting presenters go on too long
  • Member apathy
  • Political and/or development presentations
  • Focusing on City Hall issues


  • Monthly presentations (of all kinds)
  • Keeping meetings in the allotted time
  • The intro game
  • Neighborhood and community involvement
  • Informative and interesting meetings