Oct 13 WENA Meeting Minutes

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WENA monthly meeting.        Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2021.   6:30pm on Zoom
Board members present:  Kim Sutton, Pamela Shaw, Barbara DeSerres, Liz Parsons, Ian Jacob and
                                             Leana Good-Simpson

1.   Neighborhood Announcements:
      – Maine Med.  is overwhelmed with Covid patients.  Trauma patients are being transferred to
      –  District 2 and At-Large candidates for city council will have a Zoom forum on Oct.14.
          Sponsors are WENA and WPNA.  Zoom link is on the WENA website.
      –  Christian Bisimwa is stepping away from the WENA board.
      –  A slate of 9 board candidates will be voted on in November:

  • Kim Sutton, President
  • Pamela Shaw, Vice President
  • Barb DeSerres, Secretary
  • Bryan Van Dussen, Treasurer
  • Leana Good-Simpson, Board member
  • Rosanne Graef, Board member
  • Ian Jacob, Board member
  • Liz Parsons, Board member
  • Gwynne Williams, Board member

If you would like to learn more about serving on the WENA Board of Directors, please contact hello@wenamaine.org

2.    Mercy Hospital update by Charles Therrien,  President
      –   Construction at the Fore River site is on schedule.
      –   The office building at Fore River is open, temporarily housing radiology, imaging and pain
      –   The wound care, gastroenterology and endoscopy services are in the new building at
           Fore River.
      –    There are some issues with delays in the supply chain.
      –    Core services will move from State St. to Fore River in early January.
      –   New Height/RedFern will take possession of the old building in February.  Mercy anticipates
            maintaining a walk-in clinic on the premises.

3.   Community Policing report by Officer Dave Argitis
       –   Be vigilant about packages left on porches.  Thievery will increase around the holidays.
       –   There is no update on the attacks on pedestrians earlier in the summer.  There are a couple of
       –  Pamela Shaw praised the PPD led self defense course of four 3 hour sessions.  Spaces are
           available in the session that will be offered in January.
       –  Construction at Reiche School has limited access to the community policing office.   An office
           for the Valley/St. John neighborhood is being considered at the former site of the Greyhound
           bus depot.

4.  MMC Grant and Reiche Community Center Activities presented by  Roseanne Graef.
        – The Reiche Community Center received a $13,600 Grant from Maine Med.   The fund have not
           been released.  There is no further update.
        –  Construction at Reiche is complicating access.  The left hand door at the Clark St. entrance
            gives access to the Community Center side of the building.
        –   Roseanne Graef shared a split screen image of the Community Room activity schedule for
             fall 2021, briefly summarized as follows.  Note: staffing levels for Portland Rec. have reduced
             potential access to the community room.  All scheduled times are tentative.
             * Monday evenings are reserved for book group and movie nights 7-9 starting  Nov. 1. A speed
                   debating program will be held on 5th Mondays. Call Roseanne for details.
             *The book exchange will be open 7-9 am. Monday through Friday.
              *An exercise program will be available from 7:45 to 8:45 M, W, Th & F.
              * Tuesday afternoons are reserved from 3-5 for the Learn, Create, Explore program.
              * Second Wednesdays from  6:30-8:00 pm are reserved for WENA meeting.
         –  Portland Rec. staffing levels are tentative and subject to change.  Applications are being
              accepted, but must be submitted online.  Contact Roseanne for details, or Kim Sutton
               at hello@wenamaine.org.
          – Portland Rec. Covid policy rules apply.

5.   Portland Climate Action presented by Alan & Elissa Armstrong.  portlandclimateaction@gmail.com
           – Now and in the future more rain, less snow and heavier storms can be expected.
           – Sea levels are predicted to rise by 1.5-3 feet by 2050.
           – Buildings significantly contribute to this warming trend. They must be made more efficient.
           – Portland and S. Portland to promote electro cars and rapid transit city buses.
           – Development of solar power projects is being promoted at the state level.
6.    Barbara Wood   State Representative for District 38
            – Explained the redistricting boundaries that will take effect next year.
7.     John Hink.  Candidate for City Council District introduced himself.

Submitted by Barbara DeSerres
                        WENA secretary