Meeting Minutes – June 12th, 2019

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Reiche Community Center

Officers present: Liz Parsons, Pamela Shaw, Kim Sutton, Gwynne Williams, Bryan Van Dussen, Leana Goode Simpson, Barb DeSerres
Officers absent: Ian Jacob
Others present: Espahbad Dodd, Landis Gabel, Peter Hall, Holly Hoffman, Christine McHale, Martha Parshley, Eleanor Prior, Amit Yaden, Suzanne Hunt, Pat Shults, Alice Arlen, Deborah McCoy, Janet Mishoe, Elissa Armstrong, Bobbie Rausch, Rosanne Graef, Paul Brahms, Kim Deserres, Sally Ng, Ah-Kau Ng, Barb Wood

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM & self-introductions followed

Secretary’s report:

Minutes from the April 2019 meeting and May 2019 meeting passed as written.

Treasurer’s report:

We are solvent!

Available Funds by Source:
Norway Savings $6,691
Paypal $222
Petty Cash $30.00
Less outstanding debits $321.16 (palm cards // 7 clark st park outstanding check)

Total Available Funds $6,621

Swim for Life $3,177
Harbor view $534
General fund $2,747
Petty Cash $30

Total Earmarks $6,621

Community Announcements:

  • Window Dressers: Space still available at the October West End Community Build! Order your inserts, and find out more:
  • Gwynne updated us on the Homeless Shelter site: City Council will most likely table the discussion, due to the pushback from Portlanders and the upcoming mayoral race/vote in November.
  • Update on air quality lawsuit by EPA: Spencer Thibodeau & Jon Jennings are working on including Portland in the monitoring and possible action about tank emissions affecting the West End, coming from the Global Energy and Sprague holding tanks in South Portland. ACTIONS TO TAKE on Air Quality in the West End:
  1. Make your public comments to the EPA re. the South Portland Consent Decree to this address  by July 1.
    • Helpful talking points include:
      • 3rd party monitoring of emissions is needed
      • Investments in vapor reduction technology are needed
      • There should be a regional (multi-municipal) approach to continuous air quality monitoring. 
  2. Advocate to your Portland representatives to incorporate airquality monitoring as a critical component of the City’s Climate plan and priorities.  You can do so in their new survey
  3. Smelling odors? You can report it in a few different ways:
  4. sign up for more information 
  • Barb: Assylum seekers coming to Portland. There are many ways you can help. Monetary donations can be sent a variety of ways:
    -Text the word EXPO to 91999
    -More info here:
  • WENA Picnic August 14th with food, music, picnic…for all ages! contact to volunteer
  • Peter Hall – Summer Solstice Party at 64 Carlton St, 6pm. Walk over and bring a favorite summer food to share
  • Rosanne Graef – One Climate Future. A collaboration between the City Governments of Portland and South Portland. View the PowerPoint presentation here:
    Take the One Climate Future Survey here: (available in English, Français, Español, Português)
    Let Rosanne, Liz Parsons or Espahbad Dodd know if your group would like a presentation about One Climate Future
  • Volunteers needed to help remove weeds at Harbor View Park – contact Pamela Shaw

Invited Guests:

Holly Hoffman, Eleanor Prior and Martha Parshley from St Luke’s Cathedral + St. Elizabeth’s Pantry talked about how St. Luke’s contributes to our community through the pantry and other programs

Motion to dismiss at 7:45pm

NEXT WENA MEETING:  September 11th, 2019   6:30-8:00 pm at Reiche Community Center

Kim Sutton, Secretary