Meeting Minutes – Dec. 11th, 2019

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Reiche Community Center

Officers present: Liz Parsons, Pamela Shaw
Officers absent: Barb DeSerres, Kim Sutton, Gwynne Williams, Ian Jacob, Bryan Van Dussen, Christian Bisimwa, Leana Good-Simpson

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM & self-introductions followed.

Secretary’s report:

No Minutes from the Nov 2019 available. (No meeting)

Treasurer’s report:

No report

Community Policing:

  • No report this month

Community Announcements:

  • Superintendent Xavier Botana and School Board representative Emily Figdor on school construction:
    • Process delayed by decision not to build all three at once.  Construction costs increasing each year .
    • There is a Reiche Building Committee.  Emily Figdor and Councilor Thibodeau are on it, and 10 community members.  The public is welcome to the meetings

Invited Guests:

Chris Branch, head of Public Works:

  • Projects this summer:
    • Repaving Danforth High St to Western Prom – adding ADA ramps
    • Andrews Square, some private funding, construction in May/June
    • Bramhall Square:  Mitchell and Associates Landscape group.  $100,000 from Maine Med + some from City CIP process
  • From 2018-2019 average construction prices up 30%, same next year
  • Other projects
    • Combined sewage overflow project, Back Cove.  $40m
  • Problem at Ocean Ave. landfill
  • Recycling:  
    • Ecomaine – recycling contamination down from 18% to 11%
    • Used to be paid for mixed paper, now paying $30 per? 
    • Rumford Mill may start using recycled paper which would help.
  • Sidewalks:
    • Sidewalk tractors cost $150K, drivers $70K per year, takes 6 or 7 to do 140 miles of sidewalk.
    • Residential citations: 18 hours after plowing stops, $75 first warning
  • Street resurfacing: with current City Budget, can resurface every 49 years.
  • Pension bond ending in 2026 goes up $1M each year
  • Traffic signals:  putting in adaptive traffic signals on Commercial @ Franklin, and some on High St.

Abbreviated minutes from notes by Pamela Shaw