Window Dressers – Volunteer Now!

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The West End Neighborhood Association (WENA), in partnership with the Portland Climate Action Team (PCAT), and our team of Portland volunteers will make 500 Window Dressers insulating window inserts for homes in Portland, and particularly the West End. Maine Irish Heritage Center has graciously donated the dates from October 14th through 25th for this Community Build.

HAVE YOUR WINDOWS MEASURED THIS SPRING for affordable, re-usable window insert made by you and other WENA/PCAT volunteers. Contact Window Dressers to get your windows measured.

Based in Rockland, Window Dressers is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to warming homes, helping the environment and building community. Look at their website for more about them.

Because the inserts are made by volunteers they are very reasonably priced, with a payback period of just a bit more than one heating season. We reserve 22% of our inserts for Special Low-Income Pricing, available for up to 10 pine inserts per season.

VOLUNTEER NOW. Opportunities this Spring include recruiting customers and measuring their windows, training provided. We will complete this part of the process by the end of June.

In October we will pick up all wrapping materials and frame pieces which have been cut in Rockland, form teams of volunteers to construct the frames and wrap them in plastic, deliver the inserts to those unable to pick them up and return unused materials etc. to Rockland. Volunteers could also solicit food donations from local venders to keep the wrapping crews happy.

You get the idea. It’s like an old fashioned barn-raising where neighbors help one another and big things get done. And we build community!

Please let the WENA/PCAT organizing team know that you are available to help, or if you have any questions, contact Elissa Armstrong at 207-774-1682, or Rosanne Graef at