Special WENA Meeting on Homeless Shelter

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Wednesday April 3 at 6:30
Reiche School Auditorium
166 Brackett S

Currently there are 3 sites under consideration for the 150 bed shelter being planned for Portland

  • One is at 441 Commercial St, between Park St. and Harbor View Park, at the site known as “Angelo’s Acre” where the “Silver Bullets” recycling containers used to be. 
  • Another potential site is on County Way, off Congress St, between Bunker Brewing and the County Jail. 
  • The third is at 654 Riverside St, near the intersection with Forest Ave. 

Last Tuesday March 26 there was a public hearing on these proposed sites held by the Health and Human Services and Public Safety Committee, which may be making a recommendation soon on which site will be selected for the Shelter.  For a summary of the meeting and a map showing the locations of the sites, read this article.

Since no one from our neighborhood spoke at the hearing, it’s unclear whether neighbors are supportive of the possibility of this shelter on Commercial St., or whether people are aware of the possible location of a shelter on Angelo’s Acre.  

WENA does not take positions on issues because we have diverse opinions in our membership. But we strongly encourage everyone to learn about issues affecting the neighborhood, and part of our mission is to provide information, which is why we are hosting this meeting.

If you have questions about the siting of the shelter please come to the meeting at 6:30 on April 3, where Spencer Thibodeau, the District 2 Council member, will talk about the planning process for the shelter and answer questions.  If you have an opinion, it’s important to let all our city councilors know.  You can find their email addresses here.