One Climate Future Survey Results

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Through the first One Climate Future survey, over 675 respondents shared their concerns, priorities, and ideas when it comes to climate change and taking climate action. And the survey says…people in Portland and South Portland are taking climate change seriously! 79% of respondents are very concerned that climate change will affect their community. And the concern shows; many people are taking action:

-95% report that recycling is a part of their daily routine
-83% have switched to LED bulbs
-75% feel they have access to healthy, affordable food

There is still plenty of room for growth to ensure our Cities are resilient in the face of climate change:

-7% have installed solar panels on their home or business
-6% drive an electric vehicle
-24% belong to a neighborhood association

This is all critical feedback that will influence the final One Climate Future plan. To move from this baseline understanding of how people are taking action today, we want to know what is holding people back from taking the next step. Let us know in our second survey that explores the barriers to action:

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