January 2022 Meeting Minutes

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WENA meeting minutes       January 12, 2022      6:30 on Zoom

Board members present:
Kim Sutton, Pamela Shaw, Bryan VanDussen, Barbara DeSerres, Liz Parsons, Roseanne Graef, Gwynne Williams.             Also present:  Barbara Wood, Espablad Dodd, Steven Scharf

Treasurers Report: Bryan VanDussen
 – We have a balance of $24,686.
–  A $14,834 grant from Maine Medical Center has been deposited into the account.
– Association dues can be paid with PayPal through the WENA website.

Agenda Items:
1. Community Room:
– The community room is temporarily closed.  The challenges to keeping it open include; the current surge in Covid rates, construction at Reiche School and staffing shortages at Portland City Rec with whom we collaborate.

2. Legislative Update:   Barbara Wood
– A public hearing was held on the proposed adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment.
– A resolution to commemorate the events of January 6 was opposed by House Republicans.
– House Democrats do not have a 2/3 majority.

3. City Budget:   Steven Scharf
– Homeless shelters are full.  Several area hotels are being used by the city to house the overflow.
– Approximately $8,000,000 in Federal funds are reflected in the city budget to compensate for lost revenues due to the Covid emergency.
– Budget documents are available to view online at 
– School budget information is not currently available.

A WENA board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022 at 6:30.