Harbor View Planting Day!

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A successful, satisfying and fun day thanks to our nineteen volunteers and perfect weather!


  • At the top of the park, a site to the right of the stairs, overgrown with grass, shrubs and Japanese knotweed (an invasive plant that grows 10 feet high). We laid compost and cardboard to keep the weeds from coming back, then punched holes in the cardboard, planted new plants, and covered everything with woody mulch.
  • Down the hill, to the left of the path down to Commercial St. just beyond the underpass.
Top of Harbor View Park – Before – Photo by Kent Redford
Bottom of Harbor View Park – Before – Photo by Kent Redford


  • very young peach trees,
  • cherry trees,
  • juneberry, and
  • Cornelian cherry
  • a Schisandra vine, also known by the Chinese as “Five Flavor Fruit” because its berries have all five basic flavors: sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and salty
  • perennial companion plantings that will benefit the new trees and pollinating insects.
Top of Park – Looking down Harbor View Park – Photo by Pamela Shaw
Aaron Parker – Photo by Kent Redford
Top of Park – In Progress – Photo by Kent Redford


Our volunteers, of course.

Jeff Tarling, the City Arborist for the City of Portland, who provides plants, materials and ongoing support for this project.
Aaron Parker, Edgewood Nurseries, who designs the plots, guides the work, and gives us instruction on the plants and how to plant them.

Special thanks also to:

Ethan Hipple, Parks DIrector for the City of Portland
Damon Yakovleff, Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, for companion plants
Laura Mailander and Anna Sommo and Cultivating Community for tools, time and food!
Aurora Provisions
Flatbread Pizza


Another planting day next fall, to work on two more plots.  In the meantime, we will be working on a long-term plan for the whole park, which will include blueberries, a wildflower meadow and other features to make Harbor View a beautiful, fruitful community landscape.  If you’d like to work on this project with us, learn more, or donate to our efforts, the Edible Hillside at Harbor View Park website or write to secretary@wenamaine.org

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